Wasaru wash



In Kinshasa, a megacity of more than 12 million inhabitants spread over 9,965 km², the sanitation of liquid waste, especially those related to the management of faecal sludge, recent statistics report that of 9227 m3/day of faecal sludge produced, only 645 m3/day are deposited at the André Motors site; 27% of the population of Kinshasa practices mechanical emptying, 44% manual emptying and 29% digs a hole. The sludge is transported by hydrovacuum trucks. Faced with the weakness of the Government in finding an appropriate solution, the private sector, consisting of entrepreneurs in the sanitation sector, is providing support, but this is inadequate in view of the magnitude of the problem, and in most cases these sanitation entrepreneurs fail build viable and sustainable businesses.

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Be part of the solution. We are committed to promoting the access to sanitation and clean air for all in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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